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OTB welcomes you to this site. OTB is the next generation of rap\hiphop. We are junior rappers that have made it really far in the rapping carreer. We have a DJ and have connections to three producers\Record Labels. I am Daniel (DIddy). My friends Ryan and AJ are the also memebers infact we only have three memebers. People under estimate us but as soon as someone hears us they think to them selves these boys have tome talent.

How we started

OTB began with freestyle rap and gradualy grew from there. We started makng lyrics,beats,parodies etc... . We are also an example for the younger audiences that with enough effort and enough heart you can achieve any goal. The only reason I say example is because there are younger audiences listnening to our music and we dont want to be a bad influence. Im not saying that we completely a good influence but still a good choice. We do not cuss in our music.

thank you for liking this link and send us support\motivation mail plz

Rap was a major insperation for us because if you really listen and pay attention they say something that has meaning in everysong. For OTB we are using Facebook for our support and motivation. Supporters can also email us at overthebun@gmail.com or pdiddyx69@googlemail.com. The more support you can give to us the better.


thank you

For the people support us and motivate us. If you are in the music buisness and looking for a DJ i can get you one. We only support the ones who support us if you dont have facebook at least you saw our link and that is enough support for us. We will be uploading youtube videos soon.  If you are a supporter them please SEND US an email to one of those adresses.


We collaborate with dj`s and we can help you get a dj

OTB is legit and boss we are also great with collaboration with making beat mixes with DJ`S.  We know alot of world class dj`s and if you are in need of one you can send us a demo through a file by sending the file to one of our email links and we can send it to the dj. Just send us a email saying that you are going to send a demo and we will give you a list of dj`s.  Tell your friends about this link and tell your friends to tell their friends about this link etc...... .

You can visit us at  a facebook page called OTB then press like and we will keep you up to date with OTB news. If you want to meet all the members of OTB then go to this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/115414815246912/edit/

This group is labeled secret so you wont be able to see the members inside unless you  try to become a member but before that you must send a message to the people in the group. Saying who you are etc... .

With all your support  and ideas we can make a blog giving tips and tricks on how to make easy beats






OTB with its rap and support can reach even higher goals. The good thing about being a supporter is that OTB also supports you. We are working on putting videos tracks,mixes,remixes, and raps on youtube it will be done soon. We our using our own home studios but we are thinking of getting a major studio built and using that one instead. If any of you have some good quality but inexpensive studio equipment. then send a message to the facebook page link and leave your emailadress and the price you would like for it. We are looking for headphones and beats cd`s etc...

Just send us an email at one of those email links. We also accept some sound proof sponge because we need to build a sound proof room with the sponge.  If you can gives us stats on that object that you might sell that would be great because with the studio we have to be perfect about because we need to make great sounding demos and then we have to send them out. So we need the best sounding equipment we can get..

We as a group have been working exrememly hard to get this far and it would be great if you would like this site and the page just to show some support. If you are in the military or was in the military we show respect to you and we wouldnt do anything or add nothing in our lyrics that would offend you.





OTB  I said earlier that if you need a dj we would have one for you but if we run low on options then we might help with more options and to let yout know that we are running low we will update on our page on facebook. So remember that OTB is the next generation of rap and we need your support to make us go any farther this isnt a scam this is real and tell your friends about this site and your friends friends and so on so on so on etc.....

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